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Most of the Mar Menor Bars here. Take advantage of specials, coupons and tickets Mar Menor bars


Discount Tickets in bars and cafes of Mar Menor and its area of influence. Enjoy all day Mar Menor

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Some of the Bars Included in


Taperia A'Muneira

A Taberna Galega

La Taberna del Martillo Cafeteria

Cafeteria La Reserva

Pico Esquina

Cafeteria Pizzeria Tehany

Cafeteria Fredy

Taperia El Gallo

El Rincon de Miguel

Cafeteria Oliver

Cafe Bar Francis

Bar Restaurante Los Jardines

Bar La Casa de Emely

Taperia H & C

Meson Alondra.

Coffee Time Cafeteria

Aroca Cafe

Miguel Angel 2

La Taberna de Paco

Cafeteria Wengue

Cafeteria Layre

Cerveceria Cafeteria D'Mar

Cafeteria Santa Florentina

Meson Patachula

El Rincon del Montadito

Taperia S

Coffee Time Cafeteria

Cafeteria Duo Marsit

Cafeteria JL

Bar Reina Victoria

Bar BB y Calla

Cafeteria Tierno Galvan

Cafe Bar Antri

Bar El gato III

Cerveceria Cafeteria D'Mar

Cafeteria D'domingo

Cafeteria San Glorio

Meson Pacuco

Drinks, a cafe, tapas, lunch or dinner. The best in the MarMenorGuide.Com 

Meson Andaluz

Confiteria San Gines

Cafeteria Miralbur

Bodega Nicolas

Cafeteria Dower's

Cafe Sam

Heladeria Francis

Pasteleria Martysol

La Taperia

Cafeteria Valen

Cafeteria Achicoria