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Healthy eating is synonymous with quality of life in Mar Menor. Watch what you eat and learn to eat well. It is more expensive and much healthier.

Eating Better not be difficult, and must understand that it is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Time can not be an excuse. Prepare the best orange juice takes up no more than two minutes if we do each morning is because you do not provide food for the value you deserve.

Cheap Eats, rich and healthy, if possible in Cartagena. Make a smart purchase and cheap with vegetables and seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish. Really, just a matter of intending it every time we go to the supermarket ...

There are no products humble, fresh sardines or eggs may be more enjoyable and rewarding the most expensive "gourmet product." There are many restaurants, bars and eating fresh produce Taperia where and cheaply.

Ferran Adrià is one of the best chefs in Spain and has among its objectives to promote a healthy lifestyle through food. As posed, it is essential that children learn very early to eat well and take into account the diet as a priority in our vidas.Proponemos some basic guidelines that recommend this great chef

Cooking is the way humans construct the foods that suit us. It is very important to boil pasta or make a simple lentil.

Furthermore, cooking is fun and can be done with the whole family. It is easier for children to enjoy anything you have participated in its elaboration.

After preparing the food to share. Eating together is essential for learning to eat. A lunch will also learn to share. In Cartagena workshops are held each year on general cooking and healthy eating

Parents are primarily responsible for children to learn to eat everything (stimulating, but also the labeling and, above all, for example).

We must not forget that the balance is the sum of all meals at home, place of study or work, between meals ... So beware of eating too many calories!

Never forget the time to cook, learn to value and always thank your mother, grandmother, boyfriend, or preparing food with his knowledge and dedication, noting how rich you are. This simple act helps to improve emotional well our eating habits