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Within the broad themes of MarMenorGuide, enter this week in a collection of myths and realities

around the abdomen. Sewage treatment is what touches the summer.

To achieve good or the desired abdominal "chocolotae tablet, requires not just exercise, it also requires good nutrition.

Before beginning a workout or to change your eating habits should be clear that there are myths about abs.

Myth: It takes hundreds of crunches to get your abs in shape.

Fact: The abdominal muscles do not need as many reps as any other muscle responds better if you alternate exercises or adding resistance.

Myth: You have to work your abs every day.

Reality: Working the abdomen daily can be too much exercise for the muscle. Therefore, it is desirable to give a rest to the muscles to recover.

Myth: If I exercise my abs will become fat.

Fact: The muscles of the abdominal area will never become fat. If you take care of your alimentaacion yy stay active despite not exercising, stop keeping your abdomen flat. However, stop exercising and start eating junk food, your flat stomach disappear.

Myth: Men and women must work your abdomen differently.

Fact: Men and women have the same muscles, therefore, should work the same way. If a woman wants a line in the middle of your abdomen, you need to eat properly, and in turn follow a program of cardiovascular conditioning.

Eating tips to help get a flat stomach

As mentioned above, the abdomen will not work unless the layer of fat covering it, disappears.

To speed up metabolism and burn fat food that must be 5 to 6 small meals a day.

Furthermore, it is advisable to stop eating foods that you will achieve your goal of having a flat stomach, these are examples of white bread, pasta, soft drinks, candy, fast food, hydrogenated oils, sugar and corn syrup.

Instead of these foods, eating more oatmeal, olive oil, bread, fruits, vegetables, nuts, natural peanut butter, chicken, fish, protein and water.

A flat stomach requires a great effort, but it can be compatible with a balanced diet and good exercise routine, you'll see the results worth the sacrifice.

Always consult a specialist before changing your habits.