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Hair Care. Tips and tricks to keep hair healthy. Hairdressers in Mar Menor. centers specializing in hair

Cartagena and Mar Menor area.

Some advice given by specialists in Cartagena


Parea oily hair does not have to add to your last rinse a little lemon juice. Another way to control excess fat is to eat yeast.

Treatment of hair dye stains the skin

Apply a moisturizer or Vaseline around the hairline and ears. For more resistant stains can be removed with cotton and alcohol in shampoo 90.


Wash your hair regularly, not forgetting the conditioner to protect the heat of the dryer.

If you get straight cut in layers, you must straighten it:

1. Dry your hair with a towel until a drop of water. Put some special foam volume of a flat brush and comb all the hair with him to distribute the producto.Siempre do from roots to ends. With foam, the hair will be shiny, static-free.

2. Take the line where it is taken regularly and start pulling your hair dry with a round brush. Always direct the air up and down to not open the hair scales. have to place the brush at the bottom of the first lock, lifting the roots and gently slide the tip.

3. With an electric iron, if you want more volume, soft curls and a little lower layers.


For a truly fine hair easy to detangle after shampooing, use conditioner. Then wrap the hair with foil for 20 minutes. After this time, rinse your hair with warm water. You'll notice how your hair is soft, silky and tangle free. It is very good, many people recommend.


If you run out of hair conditioner can substitute olive oil, an excellent home remedy smoothing and detangling qualities.

Experts recommend applying to dry hair before washing hair, and mild temperatures. Then he does a good scalp massage cabelludo.No repeated more than once a week because it could lubricate the hair.


To combat the hair too dry to mix two egg yolks with a teaspoon of rum and castor oil. Apply shampoo before.

Dandruff Lotion with parsley

Boil a quart of water 100 grams of dried parsley or 50 grams of sweet and fresh. - With this infusion, massage the scalp for a few minutes and rinse. - Dry as usual.


The best way to keep the hair is dyed almond oil mixed with oil of cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon. In this way it will be more hydrated and revitalized.


If you have curly hair when summer is when you manage to have it worse than you like, if you do this trick. Place in a steamer four parts water and a smoothing cream for hair. This vaporizala mixture into your hair, if you go to the beach and the pool and see how the circuit remains the same as your own.


If you want to have straight hair, straighten right after sleep that night with a high ponytail. The hair of the tail, filled full of gum, it's hard. The next morning, simply remove the shape of the first queue, with the help of the dryer, and ironing hair to be.


To help give life to dry hair can learn this trick. This is a quick and easy recipe to prepare with common ingredients usually have at home:

- Mash one ripe banana, add a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice and sunflower oil.

- Mix well and apply the mask to dry hair.

- Let stand for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

- After washing your hair as usual. - The result is a hair hydrated, silky and shiny.


To get a natural shine to the hair in a jar or a bottle of dried nettle and cover with wine vinegar or apple. Keep about 15 days in a dark place, shaking every day to mix. Then strain it, pass the vinegar to a clean bottle and let stand again two weeks. Vinegar contains acetic acid that helps attract and retain the essential ingredients of the herbs. Nettle has astrisgentes properties and improves blood circulation to the scalp. Add a splash of vinegar to the final rinse water.


To make your hair shine, wash, rinse skin immediately at the end with a dash of cold water. Simple and effective!