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Model aircraft


Model aircraft in Cartagena and Mar Menor.

There are different types of aircraft models:

Free Flight: Models towed pure, thrown by hand or with rubber or internal combustion engine without control or planning of the intervention of the owner.

Circular flight, also called U-Control: Models that revolve around the pilot controlled through a set of cables. Within this form of aeromodelling disciplines are as different as the stunt (F2B), models (F4B), runs (F2C), speed (F2A) and Combat (F2D).

Radio Control (R / C): This is the pinnacle of model airplanes. Here you can find or semimaquetas (according to their degree of similarity with respect to the real model), sailboats, gliders, etc. Excluding helicopters, gyroplanes and any flying monster that works by transmitting radio signals to a servo commands that act on control surfaces of the models.

Interior: Models specifically designed to fly indoors, among which are distinguished radio-controlled helicopters, especially the drums, noted for its low weight. In addition, newly designed radio-control models to fly indoors, gyms, stores, etc.. There are many stores in almost every country that specialize in selling these items in this hobby.

FPV] [1] comes from the English ". [See first person] [2]" This is a new type of aircraft model in which the pilot guides the drone with wireless video. Plane images are transmitted directly to the pilot through virtual reality goggles or monitors. There are also clubs in many cities that have skills in different divisions of model airplanes and helpful to those new to the sport scientist.

For his flight propulsion system or can be divided into gliders, sailboats, rubber motor, combustion engine, electric or reactors

RC Aircraft and mar menor cartagena