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Cinema, theatre, dance


In Cartagena and Mar Menor, a great number and variety of dance schools.

The dance or dancing, is the execution of the movements with the body, mainly arms and legs, which correspond to the music you want to dance.

This dance has a specific duration ranging from seconds, minutes or hours and can be of artistic or religious.

Note that the dance is also a way to express our feelings and emotions through gestures fine, harmonious and coordinated, and thus send a message to the audience.

So dance, in many cases is a form of communication, using language not verbal.Es one of the few arts where we ourselves are the material and the point of care.

It is an art, expressive and exciting in many ways, both for those who enjoy its contemplation (public) and for the dancers at the time (dancer).

Dance, in most cases, almost always entertaining, which can be enjoyed by all types of people. Although in some cases, to see a specific type of dance will depend on the type of audience, as the dancer. There are also different types of dances, due to the time they were invented, religion and country.

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