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Special Weekend


Cartagena and the Mar Menor area, have a special magic in the area of Murcia in southern Spain. Enjoy a Special Weekend.

A Weekend in Cartagena and Mar Menor area, goes a long way.

Visitors and residents highlights the attractions, climate and natural beauty. Denomindado The Mar Menor is a paradise between two seas.

So much to see and do, visitors can spend their days or special weekend, enjoying the weather, adventures, or just go with the charm of its cultural diversity and its wonderful beaches. Even outside the summer season.

Dozens of reports of all types of Cartagena and the Mar Menor area. Restaurants, Beaches, Sports, Shopping, Leisure, Pubs. Marinas and resorts. For you know a little more Cartagena.

Discover the flavors of the delicious food offered by restaurants. Pots, pans, meat and fresh fish, international cuisine

Dinner by the sea less. Cafes, pubs, bars and nightclubs. Enjoy the weekend.
Enjoy the area of Cartagena and Mar Menor. Know it from these websites and discover a blend of unique in the world.

Shopping in Cartagena. Shops, boutiques, fashion, shopping centers, promotions, rebates, discounts, brands

Walk a mar menor area full of colors and Mediterranean flavors.