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Bars and Cafes


Enjoy a Special Weekend in Cartagena in the many bars, cafes, Taperia. Pubs. We Like Mar Menor

To visit the bars and cafes of Cartagena from within, visit

In Cartagena are endless bars and cafes, eager to assist you as you deserve. Our Mediterranean culture, makes Cartagena and Mar Menor area, a catering service for the best in Spain

The wide range of cafes and bars in Cartagena area and allows you to choose where, when and how. Even the sea.

Both in the old town, as in shopping malls in the area, there are plenty of places for all tastes.

With or without music. With or without tapas. Local with tradition. New bars and cafes in Cartagena.

From here you can find online the most bars and cafes of Cartagena and its area. Viewed from the OTA way.

With another look from the inside.

By the time we teach inside establecimentos more than 150 have been incorporated into this guide in recent months.

We like Cartagena ..... We like the Mar Menor